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The all-new Schutt F7 football helmet is here

New Football Helmet the Schutt F7 Football Helmet

Schutt have released a new football helmet with the all-new Schutt F7 football helmet has taken a giant leap forward in helmet performance, featuring Tektonic Plate Technology, a Helmet Stabilization System and a host of other advancements.

While still featuring the most advanced impact absorption system on the field, TPU Cushioning, the F7 takes helmet performance to an entirely new level.

• Most significant – and visible – on the F7 are the Tektonic Plates covering the crown and back of the helmet shell.
These plates add additional layers of impact absorption and improve performance against rotational forces. The Tektonic Plates move independently of the helmet shell and feature an additional layer of TPU Cushioning. In addition, a new interior lining, called the Radian Diffusion System (RDS) Liner has been added under the helmet’s air liner – also improving the helmet’s performance against rotational forces.

• Another very visible piece of the F7 is the Helmet Stabilization System.
Introduced on the Vengeance Z10 and AiR XP Pro Q10 helmets in 2016, the HSS enhances performance through a better fit. The enlarged jaw pad increases contact area and produces a secured, locked-in feel.

• The F7 also features TPU Cushioning, football’s most advanced impact absorption system. 
TPU Cushioning is proven to absorb more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet on the field. In the F7, TPU has also been incorporated into the Tektonic Plates, as well as the newly re-designed front pad. In total, there are six layers of performance and impact absorption in the F7.

The design of this new Football Helmet the F7 helmet shell incorporates an engineering principle called “Flexural Resistance.” The back shelf of the helmet, as well as the Temporal Side Wings improve the overall strength and durability of the helmet shell in critical locations.

An all-new faceguard attachment system is utilized on the F7, featuring Quarter Turn Releases and Twist Off Nose Bumper. You can attach or take off a faceguard in seconds with two small turns of a screwdriver.

In addition, the F7 has its own unique line of specially designed faceguards. All made from titanium, the most advanced faceguard material in the world – up to 60% lighter than traditional faceguards.

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