US Sports Gear supplies Swan City Titans

US Sports Gear is very excited to help the Swan City Titans gear themselves with a whole bunch of new Schutt shoulder pads for their first season in 2017.

The Swan City Titans are the newest club to join Gridiron West in Perth, they are based in the Swan Valley area of Outer Eastern Perth. Back in May the Gridiron West board unanimously voted to accept the 8th team into the competition which would become the Swan City Titans.

The Titans are the brainchild of Layke Rossiello who was instrumental in turning the Geelong Buccaneers into a contender in Victoria. Rossiello will now look to turn the Titans into a powerhouse in Western Australia.

The Titans have chosen US Sports Gear to equip their players with Schutt XV HD Shoulder Pads, the XV HD is a fantastic value for money Shoulder Pads suitable for Men, Women and Colts players.

If you want US Sports Gear to help your club out with new gear, get in touch today.

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