Gridiron NSW Helmet Colours

Gridiron NSW Helmet Colours

A common question we get asked is around the colour of football helmets. We have put together a list of the Gridiron NSW Clubs and what colour helmet and facemask they each wear.

That way you will never order the wrong colour for your new helmet.

NSW Clubs

Club        Helmet Colour     Facemask Colour
UNSW Raiders White Green
Central Coast Sharks White White
Newcastle Cobras Scarlet White
Northern Sydney Rebels Black Black
Northwestern Predators Black Black
Nepean Ducks Black Black
Sutherland Seahawks White Black
Sydney University Lions Gold Royal Blue
UTS Gridiron White White
West Sydney Pirates Metallic Silver Black
Wollongong Mustangs Cardinal Gold


Any questions just let our Customer Service department know. If you are in the Market for an Australian Helmet you need a Gold helmet with a Dark Green Facemask.

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