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Created by Players for Players

When we created US Sports Gear our number one priority was the player. We all love the sport we play but getting equipment for gridiron or American Football as it is also known, is often difficult or expensive. That is where US Sports Gear comes in.

We created relationships with USA manufactures who agreed to ship products at an affordable price direct to your door anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Customer service is provided by a dedicated team located in Australia who play gridiron. They are experts in everything US Sports Gear sell.

US Sports Gear provides equipment for Gridiron however, this is just the beginning. We will be adding more suppliers, supporter gear, NCAA merchandise, and more over the coming months and years.

Our focus is the player, everything we do is designed so the player will benefit. Shop with confidence now!


The past two years have created issues and delays in the supply chain of all our suppliers. During the current Covid-19 pandemic we have seen longer than normal delivery times especially from the USA. Currently, it is not unusual to see delivery times of between 3 and 6 weeks and this may not count manufacturing time. Currently Schutt is quoting up to 90 days to manufacture a helmet, please take this time into account when ordering.

If you have ordered an Australian stocked item we will ship it from Melbourne within 24 hours.

Thanks for shopping with US Sports Gear, we appreciate it. We are a small, independent, and family-run business just tryin’ to share the love!

VICIS has joined US Sports Gear in 2021

You can check out the VICIS Zero 2 for purchase now, the all new VICIS Zero 2 Trench will be released shortly, keep an eye out for more information. In 2022 the all new VICIS Zero2 Trench will be added to the Us sports Gear product offering. It is the first football helmet which is designed for the lineman.

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