Shoulder Pads

US Sports Gear brings Australian gridiron players the biggest range of shoulder pads in the country.

The Schutt range of shoulder pads is so comprehensive that we have a option that will be perfect for you.

The Adult range of shoulder pads includes five different models that come in four different styles. The Youth range of shoulder pads incudes 3 different models which are designed for different age groups.

The Adult Range includes the AIR MAXX HYBRID, O2 MAXX, XV7, XV HD and the VARSITY FLEX 4.0 this range some in four different styles including QB/WR, SKILL, ALL PURPOSE and OL/DL.

The Youth Range includes the T FLEX, MID FLEX 4.0 and the Y FLEX 4.0

Enjoy looking through the Gridiron Shoulder Pads which we have to offer.

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