Top 10 Selling Jerseys in the NFL 2019

1 – Tom Brady

The old man of the NFL just can’t be stopped! Number one for Super Bowls and number one for jersey sales. You can pencil in the Patriots in for another AFC West title and a run at the super bowl.

Men's New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike Navy Blue/Silver Game Jersey

2 – Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell was always a popular player but the move to the Brownies has sent his jersey sales up to second in the NFL as all the long suffering Browns fans jump on board the Beckham train.

Men's Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr Nike Orange Game Jersey

3 – Khalil Mack

Nothing like changing teams and then being awesome to drive up sales of your jersey. The Bears fans are all over Khalil Mack since he joined the team.

Men's Chicago Bears Khalil Mack Nike Navy Game Jersey

4. Sam Darnold

Blind faith and hope is an incredible thing! The Jets have basically sucked since the Rex Ryan days and the green New York fans are hoping Darnold is the answer.

Men's New York Jets Sam Darnold Nike Gotham Green Legend Player Jersey

5. Baker Mayfield

The Browns band wagon keeps on rollin, coming off a fantastic 2018 season as a rookie the city of Cleveland is all over Baker for the 2019 season. He has weapons all over the field it will be interesting to watch and see if Mayfield can take them back to the playoffs.

Men's Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield Nike Brown Game Jersey

6. Patrick Mahomes II

Patrick Mahomes shook up the NFL last season with no-look passes and 50 touchdowns for only 12 interceptions but he fell short of the Super Bowl, KC fans will be hoping to go one step further in 2019.

Men's Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Nike Red Legend Jersey

7. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodger has got rid of that dead weight named Mike McCarthy and his boring and outdated offense, so I for one I hope that Rodgers gets freed up and we see what he can really do!

Mens Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Nike Green Game Jersey

8. Antonio Brown

Since his move to Oakland he has destroyed his feet and complained about his helmet but come the start of the NFL season I am sure we will see 84 burning down the field catching touchdowns.

Men's Oakland Raiders Antonio Brown Nike White Game Jersey

9. Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott the human Ewok is holding out for a new deal but this has not stopped the Cowboys fan from snapping up his jersey. They better get the most out of it before Zec burns out like all backs before him.

Men's Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Nike Navy Legend Jersey

10. Saquon Barkley

Barkley was the lone bright spot in a dismal season for the New York, so the fans have got behind the Quad Squad and snapped up his jersey at breakneck speed. 

Men's New York Giants Saquon Barkley Nike Royal Legend Jersey

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