Gridiron Helmet Visor by USSG

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Only select if you have a Schutt helmet with a quick release system.


Gridiron Helmet Visor by USSG

American Football Helmet Visor

The Gridiron Helmet ‘Visor by USSG’ provides the highest level of protection. Injection molded into shape, the visor has unique curvature which maintains clarity at all vision angles, ensuring peripheral vision is optimised.

  • Fits most helmet brands and models inc Schutt, Riddell and Xenith
  • Affixing hardware is included.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Protects eyes from wandering fingers during play.
  • Comes with six colour option decals to complete the look and match your uniform.

Available Colours

  • Clear


The Gridiron Helmet ‘Visor by USSG’ is designed to be easily attached to the vast majority of adult football helmets including popular models manufactured by Schutt, Riddell and Xenith however, is not a universal fit for all manufactures. If you are unsure , please get in touch and we will advise you before purchase.

***If your helmet features the Schutt quick release system (pictured) you will require the visor hardware add-on***

helmet with quick release

This item is a part of the new “by USSG” range of products designed to get high quality gear to you faster at a lower cost.

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