New F7 design is latest round in helmet arms race

New F7 design is latest round in helmet arms race

Earlier this year Schutt made an announcement about what would be the next helmet to be released. At the AFCA convention, Schutt showed off the F7 the latest helmet in the arms race with Riddell.

Although not much information was available on release, we do know how aesthetically impressive this helmet looks. All new Tectonic Technology consists of three plates on the shell, that absorb a substantial amount of impact. This type technology dedicated to specific impact zones on the helmet seem to be the cutting edge of helmet safety.

The F7 looks to have the same jaw pads featured on the Z10 and Q10 helmets, the F7 also features the “raised brow” facemaks style similar to the other Vengeance facemasks we have seen in the past. However, the F7 has a totally remodeled method of attaching and removing the fascemask, know as the “Rapid Release System,” comprised of the twist release retainer, and new EZ Clips on the sides of the helmet.

The F7 looks like a real jump in helmet technology and at US Sports Gear we will make it available to our customers are soon as we can.

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